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Doug Barber

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Photographer Doug Barber has spent nearly forty years photographing Bikers. He describes his work as "my way of preserving a history that is overlooked, and misunderstood." Known to fellow bikers as Q-Ball, his four decade long photographic study of Old School Bikers displays an uncanny knack for "getting it," for conveying the atmosphere of a place, the personality of a subject, the excitement of a moment, that has been unique to the American experience.


Within the frame of each of his Old School  series photographs, shownon this website, all hierarchies are leveled, and a certain hard-edged beauty emerges. In the richly descriptive medium of photography, an image-making system suspended between factual record and pure fiction, Barber's photographs of "old school bikers living The Life" are powerful representations of both American iconography, as well as, Barber's unique documentarian style.


That is definitely one reason why Barber's work was included in "Motorcycles and Art: 1950 - Present, If I Have to Explain it..." at the Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which also featured work from Andy Warhol, Richard Prince, Thomas Zummer, and James Hyde.


Doug Barber's photographs of Old School Bikers, as well as a book of his work, is available for purchase through his website